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Church Identity Records

Church Identity Records

Identifying the Congregates of the people

These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church as one form of government. All governments identify its members and associates. The kingdom of God is no different.

The obligation and duty of the Church will often depend on these records as they are a tool in the fulfillment of its purpose. They may also aid the congregations of the people in identifying one another for service and care of the daily ministration.

Unlike other governments the Church is dependent upon the people to identify themselves, and like others they require two or more witnesses to establish a chain of authentication. The minister of each congregqtion must submit and notarize the application. The whole network of the church does certify and monitor the contiguous authenticity of the record of ID.

This requires discipline on the part of the people to remain loyal to the precepts of honor so that the forms of identification become as the gospel itself. It is essential that a Church of record is established to maintain a uniform and consistant records system verifiable on a national and international basis. Forms for individual ID, permissions, and passports are available through your local Church and congregation of record.

His Church Formation Packet

Individual Forms filled out on the net:

Declaration of Sacred Purpose

Notification of Ministry

Annual Report

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