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We have received many letters over the years asking questions about content of articles and books produced by the Church.

These questions and the people who ask them are important to us and to you so we will attempt to share them with you in this area of the web site.



G & J asked Concerning the article
Romans 13 and "Clergy Response Teams":

“I may not know everything about the bible but I have just a couple of questions: Did Jesus mention something about we are all gods? Second: Did he say something about eternal life not being here on earth and to turn your cheek rather fight those who think they control you?” G & J

Romans 13... gods many... and Eternal life and the other cheek
To read the response with added footnotes and references please go to:


Romans 13, Disengagement from Benefits
Lynne inquired concerning Romans 13:

“I've spent a couple of days reading your material. I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. As far as I can tell, you're saying a Christian should disengage from any political system other than God's kingdom and dwell instead in the Kingdom of Heaven. Disengagement includes taking no benefit from the political system one has left. I don't think that is possible... I can't help but benefit. So how do you avoid benefiting in any way from a government? Thanks for freely sharing your faith on a great website!”

Romans 13, Disengagement from Benefits
To read the response with added footnotes and references please go to:


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